Iran can now be visited without a visa

Iran has canceled visa regime for citizens of 32 countries, including Uzbekistan.

The country says it wants to open its doors to the whole world. This certainly means the beginning of a new stage of development in tourism, but it is also expected to open up new opportunities for business.

In what areas can you cooperate with Iran?

Tourism and hospitality
Since the visa regime has been abolished, there is an opportunity to start travel agencies, enter the Iranian tourism market, organize hotel and restaurant business.

Textile industry
Iran is famous for its textile industry – it is possible to launch trade in real Iranian carpets, curtains and fabrics, clothing.

Building materials
Iran has achieved good results in the production of ceramic tiles, marble, granite and other decorative materials. The construction industry in Uzbekistan is developing rapidly, so new and quality products will be in demand in our market.

Medical sphere
There is an opportunity to establish business cooperation in the sphere of medical equipment, medicines (pharmaceuticals). Attraction of foreign specialists can also give positive results for the direction of a private clinic.

Food industry
Iran exports confectionery and chocolate products to more than 100 countries. It is also known as a supplier of halal food products.

According to experts, the most important areas will be occupied by competitors in the coming years, as Iran is creating a positive environment for business cooperation. Therefore, entrepreneurs have an opportunity to establish mutually beneficial cooperation with this country. But it will be necessary to comply with the norms of international currency and trade legislation and take into account some existing restrictions.

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