Preparation for men Aktosper

Our team has developed an aesthetic design for the packaging of the drug from the Bovar brand – Aktosper. This drug is designed for men and contains a combination of components that help prepare for conception.

To create a packaging design, a market analysis was carried out and the preferences of potential buyers were studied. The result is a premium black and red design that draws attention and stands out on the shelves of stores and pharmacies.

Premium black color symbolizes elegance, style and strength. This color is associated with confidence, luxury and respectability, which helps to enhance the impression of the product, make it more attractive to customers and increase brand confidence.

The elements of red that we used in the design of the packaging symbolize the vitality and passion that is relevant for this product.

The abstract form of the active male cage, made in a unique style, helps to draw attention to the product and emphasize its purpose.

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