Spices – give food a special taste and aroma. According to the classification proposed by V.V. Pokhlebkin, spices are divided into 3 groups: classic or exotic spices and local spices. Azzir has a collection of almost every kind of spice.

The design had to be as varied as the spices. The main thing is to convey the smell of food on the packaging to customers. Thus, we can make food taste better with this spice. We used small details of the manipulations in the packaging until it reflected the real live scene.

Our design is focused on the main target audience of the product – housewives. Based on their views and opinions, we have prepared a package.

High-quality branding allowed Azzir to increase its assortment from 4 types of spices to 160 types in a year, and the sale of the product was ensured only by display on the shelves. Today, the brand is sold throughout Uzbekistan and has already entered the markets of Russia and Kyrgyzstan.

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