Chaban og‘lu

A shepherd’s son from a faraway wilderness comes to the city, and brings with him not only his heritage, but also dreams of giving the place something special.

Opening a small establishment, he puts his skills and knowledge into action by cooking dishes based on the traditional cuisine he learned from his father since childhood. His shepherd father, in turn, never fails to support his son by sending him meat from cattle raised in the natural mountain environment.

This is how Chaban oglu, the shepherd’s son’s institution, was born.

Explanation of the name:
The uniqueness of the cuisine is that all meat products for the dishes come from Kashkadarya region. And it is not only animals fattened with forage and artificially fattened, but also animals raised in a natural environment with grass. Building on this advantage, we created a story for the brand.


According to the story, a shepherd’s son came to the city from the backwoods and opened a kitchen. For food in the kitchen, the herdsman sends his cattle. The kitchen quickly gains popularity for its delicious dishes made from animals raised in a natural environment. Thus, the place will be called the Son of the Shepherd’s Kitchen.

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