Uzbekistan is famous for its sunny weather, healthy and tasty fruits and vegetables. It is also a historical country that attracts many tourists every year. Tourists usually take souvenirs with them to share with family and friends, and Uzbek dried fruits are often one of these souvenirs.

Compared to watermelons, melons and some handicrafts, dried fruits are convenient, sweet, tasty and valuable gifts for any guest of Uzbekistan. To help our client make dried fruits more suitable for the tourist trade, we created a brand named after the famous Uzbek military leader Amir Temur.

In addition to the brand itself, we have designed packaging in different form factors for the production and diversity of the contents of the packages. Visually, our packaging design is inspired by the national style of illustrations of Uzbekistan – with various historical landscapes, portraits and miniatures that inform customers about the agriculture of Uzbekistan.

Another way to use Emir dried fruits is to use them as corporate gifts or as part of catering at various official events.

Overall, extensive brand development has helped our client make their products more valuable and respected by both local and international buyers. We managed to give it a modern, authentic image, while preserving the elements of Uzbek culture and the originality of the product.

Today “Emir” goes on sale and attracts more and more target buyers throughout Uzbekistan.

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