Cooperation with a neighboring country

The next client is Puriza brand, a producer of sausage products, which is in the top 3 domestic market of Tajikistan.

We developed packaging design for 26 types of products in three areas: semi-smoked, cooked sausages and hot dogs.

We worked with an individual approach to each product line, creating a unique image with Tajikistan’s landmarks as the background and brand identity.

When sausage products are sold cut up, the part glued to the label may go away and the part without the label may remain. In this case, it can be a problem that sellers cannot recognize which brand the sausage belongs to. We came out by placing the brand advertisement and name along the package, thus solving this problem.

For the convenience of consumers regarding the composition of the product, a corresponding image of the pet is printed on each package.

The newly designed packaging allows the brand to gain a stronger foothold in the market.

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