Name of the water product with fennel


Challenge: To find an understandable name for the product considering its naturalness and use for babies.


Name found: Pukki

Linguistic analysis:
The word “puk” is used in the Russian language mainly in two meanings: 1) as an imitative word meaning to release gas; 2) in the sense of bundle, wrapper.

The affix -ki does not carry the same meaning, but somehow softens the pronunciation, forms a diminutive and affectionate form of the name.


Explanation of the name:
1. Newborn babies often have abdominal restlessness and constipation. As a result, the baby cries and becomes restless. At such times, mothers are usually reluctant to remove accumulated air or discharge from the abdomen. This is because the baby calms down when it defecates.

The product offered by the company is fennel water, popularly known as “dill water”. This natural remedy alleviates the same problems in children. We also coined the name Pukki as a reference to the fact that the baby feels relief by exhaling excess air.

2. The word “Pukki” can also be understood in a figurative sense: if you untie the ligaments and knots in the ventricles, the pain will disappear by itself. This is where the Pukki tool comes in.

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