Name of the company supplying BFQ products.


Task: choosing a name based on the uniqueness of the company


Name found: Tabiall

Linguistic analysis:
The name is formed from the combination of the words “nature” in Uzbek and “all” in English, which means “everything”.

Explanation of the name:
This company is engaged in the production and sale of biologically active supplements (BFH). BFH contains natural substances useful for the human body and is consumed to prevent diseases, to restore the body during or after illness. Although it is not a medicine by its composition, it has the ability to improve the functioning of body organs and restore health.

With this in mind, we chose the name Tabiall, referring to the fact that all of the company’s products are made from all-natural products – medicinal plants and herbs.

The client liked the name and thus our portfolio was enriched with another project.

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