Challenge: To come up with a name for the brand, make a logo and prepare a competitive design.

Solution: it’s often hard to get our kids to go to kindergarten. This forces parents to not get to work on time.
The design of Yello crackers focused on addressing this segment.
Since Yello’s primary job is to hunt, find a way to please and please (not fill their bellies), we recommended reducing the size of our “bribes” and making sure they were priced to support the 25g . wallet.
The reason we chose the brand name “Yello” is because our future products are chips and crackers, and one of their common qualities is the color yellow. Also, the word “yellow” is easy to pronounce and easy to remember because the name is familiar to everyone. This is very important in redemption. We used the tagline “Hello Yello” for the first contact(s) with the consumer of the Yello brand.
We gave the design unique variety and character by using biting characters aimed at hunting children.

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