Aktuz is a specialized salt-based respiratory treatment device.

Our agency performed a wide range of work in this project:
– market analysis
– naming
– packaging design concept
– 3D product design
– The mechanism of the device operation (engineering)

We analyzed the market to determine what audience the product is for, their pains and needs.

The special salt particles help in treating respiratory diseases and preventing allergies.

Based on this, we came up with a simple, clear and easy to remember name – Aktuz.

This name indicates that the product is salt-based and informs about its naturalness.

Next, we started to develop the concept of the package design and its 3D visualization. Factors such as attractive appearance for customers and positive impact on sales were taken into account.

Finally, we carefully designed the mechanism of the device. This was important for proper air directionality and even distribution of salt particles.

We are confident that our labor will make a significant contribution to gaining a market place not only in Uzbekistan, but also worldwide for this unique product.

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