The name of a company producing dried fruit gifts


Task: choose a name that is short, simple and keeps the spirit of nationalism.


Name found: Emir

Linguistic analysis:
Emir is an international variant of the Arabic word “amir”.

Explanation of the name:
Through research, it was learned that the product represents dried fruits grown in our country, which are mostly given as a corporate gift for holidays or other important occasions.

Gifts improve relationships. If we turn to history, it is known that ambassadors of one country brought gifts to the rulers of other countries, which served to strengthen their relationship.

Another audience for the product is travelers from abroad. Tourists usually appreciate places, things and products that represent a country’s national identity.

With this in mind, we chose the name Emir and introduced it to the client. We were also inspired by the status of Amir Temur, a great leader in our rich history.

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