“Korovella” is a wide range of cookies with natural milk, made in the style of “Jubilee” cookies familiar to our people.

To convey all the advantages of the product, we decided on the name “Korovella”, because the name clearly shows that the cookies contain milk.

We put the name of the cookies not only on the packaging, but also on the product itself. For this purpose, we developed a realistic 3D model of a cookie, and on the basis of this model our client made a mold for his cookies.

The typography of the naming is also unique – it is done in a retro style.

Since the cookies were intended to be sold in bulk, its design was a little different from the usual packaging.

We gave the box corporate colors and decorated it with a special pattern. Later, we plan to develop a smaller package for consumers in the same style.

However, given that the product now reaches the consumer completely without packaging, the presence of corporate identity on the cookie itself plays a very important role, because without it, the customer may simply not recognize which brand he has tasted.

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