A premium product requires a premium design

We did comprehensive work for Alsab’s vision-enhancing kit.

1. Package design
The kit contains three products – Mehrigiyo oil, lavender eye spray and eye mask. We first designed the look of each product, created 3D models, and then designed the box for the entire set.

2- Instructions
We created instructions on how to use the products correctly. We separately described the features and benefits of each of the three products. The order of use was demonstrated with the help of illustrations.

3. logo
We created a unique logo for the set, using shapes symbolizing the image of an eye. The combination of black and gold colors emphasizes the premium nature of the product. The logo was placed on the products, instructions and the front of the box.

4. Visualization
With the help of an animated visualization that increases trust, we showed the product box and the three products in it separately. We used special effects to emphasize that Alsab is a vision-enhancing product.

Now you know who to turn to when you need such professional and comprehensive services for your product 😉

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