Bon Slon

Name for a confectionery company

Challenge: Come up with a memorable name, such as Chupa Chups.

Name found: Bon Elephant

Linguistic Analysis:
The word “Bon” means “good,” “marvelous,” “excellent,” “pleasant” in French and is used in many brand names, especially French food, pastries, and desserts.

The second part of the name is an exact transliteration of the word “elephant”, which means “elephant”.

Explanation of the title:
Our copywriters who worked on this title used the alliteration style. In the field of naming, alliteration is the creation of rhyme and rhythm in pronunciation through the repetition of one or more sounds. Such names are easy to remember and evoke positive emotions in a person. Names such as TikTok, Chupa Chups, M&M’s, Coca Cola are also formed by alliteration.

“Elephant” – the elephant was introduced as the main character of this brand of confetti. So, Bon Elephant is a cute elephant that in the eyes of children holding with its trunk .

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