To name a product used for the treatment of endocrine diseases

Challenge: To find a name for a product that provides ointment and treatment for endocrine diseases, especially goiter, using seaweed.

Name found: Endomarin

Linguistic analysis:
The name is derived from a compound of two parts, Endo and Marine.

The prefix endo means “inside”, “within” in Ancient Greek, and many words are derived from it. Endocrinology is the branch of medicine that studies the internal glands and the hormones they produce. Marine is one of the ancient words used in several languages to mean “sea”, “ocean”, “pertaining to the sea”.

Explanation of the name:
1- From the name Endomarin it is immediately clear that this remedy is an ointment for internal, or rather endocrine diseases, and that it contains marine products.

2. The chosen name also means “ocean of endocrinology”, that is, an ocean of many benefits.

3- If the name is translated directly, it means “inner sea,” “the sea within you.” It also means that the blessings of the sea will take place in your heart or that your heart will be filled with pleasures like the sea.

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