We designed a name and logo for a food delivery service.

The reason we named it Labbay is to give the future brand a national spirit and to imbibe our immediate readiness for customer orders. Who doesn’t like it when the answer is “Labbay”? In our country, waiters in teahouses and kitchens have long been serving customers by saying “Labbay”. In the case of Labbay, this slogan conveys the position and tone of the brand (ToV) to the person.

Design: Speed plays a key role in food delivery. The faster the food is delivered, the hotter it will be, the more appetizing flavor it will retain from the first pan. The logo also shows a person running towards the customer with food in hand. This will automatically make anyone who sees the logo want to order from that restaurant, especially during limited lunch hours.

In addition, the letter L as the initial of the word “labbay” is a trademark of the brand. The image of a person is also represented by the letter L and other suffixes.

Another aspect is that yellow or red colors are used in the logo. These colors reveal a person’s appetite and mood.

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