Раз Два и Готово

One Two and Done

Naming for a company producing semi-finished products

Task: find a name that emphasizes the advantage of semi-finished products in saving time.

Found name: One-two and done!

Name Explanation:
The most valuable resource in the modern world is time. Therefore, we try to appreciate every moment of it, we need everything that allows us to save time.

This is the main feature of the enterprise that produces such semi-finished products as dumplings, cutlets, meatballs, somsa – speed and time savings are its unique commercial offer (USP). The client liked the name we came up with because it implied that the food would be ready in a couple of easy steps and in the blink of an eye.

During negotiations with the customer, it turned out that the product is mainly offered for the market of the Navoi region. In the Navoi region, the Russian-speaking population is the majority. That is why we decided to choose a Russian name. But it uses such words that even people who do not know the Russian language can understand the meaning of the name – “One-two and it’s done!”

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