We would like to bring to your attention our next project.

The new project is naming for a new direction of the network of training centers “Najot Ta’lim”. This center specializes in modern professions such as design, programming and marketing. The new sub-brand is focused on school-age children. Here children are taught robotics, mental arithmetic, programming, logic and other areas.

In the process of developing the name, we studied the school’s direction, brand philosophy and market trends. Out of several concepts, the client favored the “Robbit” variant.

The name “Robbit” is a combination of the English words Robot (robot) and Rabbit (rabbit). This choice is not accidental: the school specializes in robotics. On the other hand, it was important to have a mascot – a character that would make the name memorable and attractive to children.

Such a character was a rabbit, which personified the playfulness and friendliness characteristic of children.

Also, the part “bit” in the name gives additional meaning, indicating the connection with programming.

So, Robbit is more than just a name, it is a place where children can learn, develop and play with an interesting and memorable character.

We believe that Robbit will become a famous and prestigious school for all children and parents of Uzbekistan, and the name we have proposed will make a significant contribution to this.

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