SunFest seeds

This time the client came with a ready-made naming, and we were entrusted with the task of making a unique and attractive packaging design for seeds.

Our team started design development by creating a mascot. A mascot is a character that helps create a memorable image and make a product recognizable. It can also convey brand meanings and characteristics.

In this case, we proceeded from the name SunFest, which is associated with Latin America and sunny beaches, so we decided to draw a character in the form of a Latin American, but in the shape of a seed itself.

For additional brightness and emotionality of our design, we depicted a mascot on a sunny beach with the help of background details.

We paid special attention to the image of the seed itself with the kernel in order to demonstrate to the consumer what exactly he is buying. And the soft pastel colors that we used help to stand out from the competition and emphasize the light mood of the product.

Look at our work and evaluate it yourself!

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