Task: to develop naming, logo and packaging design for a new brand of sanitary pads.
Before starting work, we studied the product itself and highlighted its advantages among other competitors. We studied the competitors’ offer and the main buyers of the product. We did this in the following order:

Step 1 – Analysis – highlighting the current position of the product and its advantages over other competitors.

Step 2 – Studying the main buyers of the product (what factors trigger the purchase and what motivates them).

Step 3 – Developing label design specifications to form a visual communication task.

During the study, we found out that hygienic cotton swabs are widely used cleaning products in our daily life. Women are the main consumers of cosmetics and small children are used for grooming. There are many suppliers of such tools in the market. To stand out among them, it was necessary to create a name that was easy to remember in the mind of the customer and an attractive packaging.
We liked the word “vavio” in the name. We chose this name based on the wavy shape of the cotton fiber, i.e. the English word “wave”. As a logo, we expressed the name itself in a style that suits the main SA.

We also got creative with the packaging design. As a corporate identity, we showed the main product, a cotton swab, in an enlarged form. We decorated it with an image of leaves and branches of a cotton plant. Also, based on the fact that the customers are mostly women, we highlighted the useful aspects of the product using bright and aesthetic colors. As a result, we developed a design that stands out from the competition.
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