Before creating a laundry detergent brand, we studied the market. We studied the strengths and weaknesses of the main players in the market, and also explored the shortcomings that allowed other players to enter the market. We shared our experience with the sellers and got their advice. We conducted interviews to identify consumer needs and concerns.

After collecting the results of the analysis and ideas, we focused on improving the composition, size and packaging of the product. We organized a focus group and collected their opinions on design and fragrances.

The name Aklis was chosen for the new brand. Aklis is the original name, derived from a combination of the words Arctic fox (Arctic fox). The main emphasis is on cleanliness, neatness and whiteness, and the fox is one of the neatest creatures.

The name Aklis is legible, easy to pronounce and easy to remember. At the same time, it fully meets the requirements of naming. In accordance with this name, we have chosen the slogan “Aklik sembolu” – “Symbol of whiteness”. It matches the name of the product and the value it provides.

We also used the polar fox (fox) as a character in the packaging design.

In order to stand out from competitors on the store shelves, we chose crimson red as the main color of the design.

By switching the packaging to a Zip-lock package, we found a solution to a number of problems:

No leakage during storage
Maximum flavor retention
Children cannot easily open it

This design at World Brand Design UK (https://worldbranddesign.com/bright-packaging-for-aklis-washing-powder/) and Packaging of the World (https://packagingoftheworld.com/2022/04/bright-Packaging -for-aklis-washing-powder.html) has been featured as one of the best designs by the community.

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