Vitamins and minerals are essential for the normal functioning of the body’s major systems and organs. But if they are not supplied in sufficient quantities by food, they become deficient and the likelihood of disease increases.

Numa Nutrimakon (Calcium+Vitamin D3), which is actively involved in the delivery of vitamins and minerals to the population, ordered us a project for a product intended for children. The product does not contain chemical additives and dyes and is harmless to the liver.

Having studied the product and its instructions, we found out that the preparation helps the child to grow properly.

In naming, we introduced the name Bonnie based on the word Bone. Such a name acts as a good bridge between the children and the product. It is also a short name that is easy for parents to remember. Not only is it short, but it also reads as it is spelled.

BONNY consists of a teddy bear shaped marmalade designed for children. There are 60 marmalades in the package. The product is intended for children from toddlers to teenagers.

Vitamin D3 in BONNY not only strengthens bones, teeth and nails, but also ensures healthy growth in children. That’s why we wrote “Healthy Growth” as the main slogan.

In the design concept, we showed Bonnie as a character in her costume and brought her closer to Ricky’s character. We used yellow because of the vitamin D3 (sunshine vitamin) in the background. Our character can be widely used in all 2D and 3D views.

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