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Jolly Boom

Jolly Boom Fun Boom We did some research to find a product name and considered several options. As a result, we came up with […]


Labbay We designed a name and logo for a food delivery service. The reason we named it Labbay is to give the future brand […]


Emir The name of a company producing dried fruit gifts Task: choose a name that is short, simple and keeps the spirit of nationalism. […]

Bes Xan

In Uzbekistan, tea is not just an everyday drink. It is a part of local culture, Uzbek people, a symbol of hospitality and kindness. […]


Task: Select a name and create a logo for a pharmacy with 5 chains in Kokan. Our proposal: Avitus = Avicenna + vitamin + […]


Task: to develop naming, logo and packaging design for a new brand of sanitary pads.Before starting work, we studied the product itself and highlighted […]

Aslan Tea

Aslan Tea Sam future service LLC received a task to create a new tea brand. The product is intended for the domestic market. The […]


Раз-два и готово! Naming for a semi-finished products company The challenge: to find a name that emphasizes the time-saving advantage of convenience foods. Found […]

Mana Benzin

Mana benzin Naming for gasoline delivery service Task: To find a name for a gas delivery service that gives an idea of the service […]


Pukki Name of the water product with fennel Challenge: To find an understandable name for the product considering its naturalness and use for babies. […]

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